The West Florissant Avenue (WFA) Great Streets Project is a proposed set of transportation improvements designed to improve safety for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists while kickstarting economic development along the WFA corridor in North St. Louis County. By developing a safe, well-designed and accessible complete street for vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders—and by creating an attractive sense of place—this project will help improve WFA to be a more desirable destination to shop, socialize, travel, and live.  

The Project is sponsored by St. Louis County Department of Transportation and East-West Gateway Council of Governments (St. Louis’ regional planning organization), in partnership with the Cities of Dellwood and Ferguson. West Florissant Avenue is maintained by St. Louis County.

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Chambers Intersection Next Design Phase Funded Next phase will complete design plans

APRIL 2021 – The Chambers at West Florissant Avenue intersection was a major component of the West Florissant Avenue Great Streets Project. The intersection is the meeting point of two major bus lines and has heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Unfortunately, that sometimes means more accidents and less safe conditions for people walking to the bus or riding their bikes to work. Thankfully, St. Louis County Department of Transportation announced in April 2021 that the next design phase for the Chambers intersection would be funded.

What does that mean? It means that instead of 30% designed, as it was after the conceptual design phase, the intersection will get to finish its redesign plans. That is one step closer to construction. See below for the conceptual design for the Chambers at West Florissant Avenue intersection. 


West Florissant Avenue Project Applies for RAISE 2021 Grant New federal transportation grant could be key to moving West Florissant Avenue forward


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Proposed Improvements

Based on engineering analysis and community feedback:
  • Median
  • Modified property access
  • New sidewalks
  • New crosswalks
  • A shared use path
  • Upgraded transit stops
  • Redone roadway
  • New street amenities like new lighting and tree
  • Bike racks, benches and trash receptacles


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Safety for both pedestrians and vehicles are a concern on West Florissant Avenue

  • Cars traveling at high speeds
  • Numerous driveways
  • Little or no curbing for long distances
  • Between 2010 and 2017, there were 27 pedestrian or bicycle crashes resulting in 27 injuries
  • A pedestrian was killed when he was struck by two cars while crossing the street in 2019


Strengthen Identities

The project reflects the values, dreams, and work of the communities and creates an attractive sense of place.

Connect Community

The project connects communities and improves economic conditions.

Build Momentum

The project builds momentum along the corridor by linking the communities, activities and developments in the area.

Enhance Mobility

The project makes it easier and safer for you to live, work and play along the corridor, no matter your mode of transportation.